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GROHE: the Maximum Freedom of Choice

December 28,2016 | by | jieju

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  The expanded range of GROHE taps Company takes individual bathroom design to a new level

  With a wide selection of colors and finishing coatings, expanded range of GROHE taps Company takes individual bathroom design to a new level.

GROHE: the Maximum Freedom of Choice

  A diverse choice of fabulous colors and top coats

  Friends of us may envy our unique furnished living room, kitchen with all original accessories or refined taste of our bedrooms. As for the bathrooms, but we are happy if we add a few colored candles and towels in this boring whiteness. Well, this is no longer the case! The bathroom is becoming a very important place in the home. People need a way to express their individual style and an expanded collection companies Essence GROHE offers a wide choice of 10 possible combinations of fabulous colors and top coats. According to the latest global trends, models were carefully selected to fit with any style bathrooms and color of the environment. All finishes and colors to fit with the environment, with high-contrast, medium contrast and shaded environments. To top it all, but their names are as beautiful as they look: Cool Sunrise, Sunset Warm, Hard Graphite and Nickel.

  Diversity meets with consistency: Essence design language

  New freedom of choice has an amazing consistency in the design, in which each of the outlet pipe and handle virtually identical across all product lines. Luxurious freestanding shower, floor-mounted bath-tub or sink premium in sizes from S to XL. Matching accessories such as high-quality towel holders or containers for soap: all speak the same design language of subtle and delicate transitions, and easily mitigated geometry.

  The geometric structure design based on concentric cylinders. For an extended line has been somewhat mitigated design and humanized. The introduction of controlled ecological transitions will bring harmony in all interior concepts, it will seamlessly merge the products in all areas of the bathroom. This greatly contributes to the overall high adaptability of the extended offer Essence, which can be used in virtually all styles of bathroom, whether it's a classic luxury, quality classic style or the natural atmosphere of wellbeing.

  Dedication and attention to every detail is redefining the purity and modernity on a human manner that is sensual and yet minimal. Renewed lever is the perfect illustration of this belief. "The handle, we have included a slight narrowing, which provides the user with sensory experience of precision and control, which is not felt until now." explains Michael Seum, Vice President of Design for GROHE company.

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